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Paronella Park a Hidden Spanish Castle | Full-Day Private Tour

Discover the enchanting story of Paronella Park, a unique Spanish-style castle in Australia, dreamt into reality by José Paronella. Arriving from Spain in 1913, José worked in sugar cane farming before building this remarkable park as a testament to his vision and dedication. Situated beside Mena Creek Falls, the park spans 5 hectares, featuring a castle, picnic area, tennis courts, bridges, and a tunnel, all enveloped in a lush rainforest. This fascinating tale of dream and determination makes Paronella Park a truly special place to visit.


What's included:

This ticket allows you to access:

  • Private transport
  • Bottled water
  • Dinner at Meena Creek Pub Included in Price 

What's NOT included:

  • Babinda Bakery. Buy you own lunch for eating at Babinda Boulders

What you need to know before you book:

  • Service animals allowed
  • Specialised infant seats are available
  • Suitable for all physical fitness levels

What you can expect:

Gordonvale (Pass by)

Founded in 1887, Gordonvale’s fertile river flats were once bustling with maize, bananas, and sugar cultivation. Named in the early 1880s after John Gordon, the town was officially recognized as Gordonvale in 1913, replacing its earlier name, Nelson, designated in 1896 for the Mulgrave Central Mill survey.

Walshs Pyramid (Pass by)
Walsh’s Pyramid, standing at 922 meters, is a remarkable natural formation and a significant landmark in North Queensland. This granite boulder-constructed pyramid is renowned for being the tallest freestanding natural pyramid globally. It’s a popular destination for adventurous hikers and rock climbers, offering a challenging ascent that rewards spectacular views from the top. The climb, taking approximately 3.5 hours upwards and 2 hours to descend, is an invigorating experience for visitors seeking both physical challenge and natural beauty.

Fishery Falls (Pass by)

Known for its namesake waterfall located 1 km west, Fishery Falls is also home to the historical McDonald’s Creek State School, founded on 22 September 1913. The nearby caravan park boasts excellent walking tracks.

Deeral (Pass by)

Situated on Yidinji tribal land, Deeral was named in 1912 after its railway station, which means ‘teeth’ in the Yidinji language.

Bellenden Ker (Pass by)
Mount Bellenden Ker, Queensland’s second-highest mountain at 1,593 meters (5,226 ft), is named after botanist John Bellenden Ker Gawler.

Mount Bartle Frere (Pass by)
On 21 April 1942, a USAAF B-25C Mitchell bomber crashed into Mount Bartle Frere near Babinda while returning from a Coral Sea search mission, tragically leading to a blind gully near the peak.

Enjoy a 15-minute stop at Babinda Bakery, famous for homemade pies and delicious pastries, perfect for a snack at Babinda Boulders.

Babinda Boulders
1h 30m stop
* Admission ticket included
Spend 1 hour and 30 minutes at Babinda Boulders. The guided tour and free exploration time allow you to discover the Devil’s Pool and surrounding walks. This significant indigenous site is especially striking during heavy rainfall.

Paronella Park
*Admission ticket included

A 3-hour stop at Paronella Park includes a day tour, hydro tour, free time, night tour, and dinner.

Paronella Park, a unique and historical site in Queensland, is the realization of José Paronella’s dream. Built in the 1930s, the park features a castle and beautifully landscaped gardens, alongside a variety of structures including bridges and a tunnel. The park is particularly known for its lush rainforest setting and the Mena Creek Falls. Visitors are treated to guided tours that reveal the history and stories behind José’s vision, making it an enchanting visit filled with both romance and nostalgia.