Mission Beach Great Barrier Reef Tours and Camping

Mission Beach Charters: Exclusive Snorkelling & Boating Tours

Mission Beach Charters offers a bespoke adventure experience, providing personalised snorkelling and boating excursions in the captivating waters of the Great Barrier Reef. Specialising in private tours, they cater to those seeking unique, intimate experiences in this marine paradise. From serene island camping to exhilarating snorkelling safaris, their expertise ensures each journey is memorable, tailored to individual preferences, and perfect for families, couples, or solo travellers seeking an extraordinary adventure.


Mission Beach Charters Tour Options:

Great Barrier Reef Snorkelling

Half Day Adventure – $1100*

Experience two unique snorkel destinations in our half-day tour. After a 60-minute journey, dive into 2 hours of snorkelling at exclusive locations, teeming with vibrant marine life. Post-snorkelling, relax and enjoy lunch as we head back to Mission Beach.

Full Day Exploration – $2500*
Our full-day tour takes you to two distinct reefs, handpicked from our exclusive list. Start with a light morning tea, followed by snorkelling with Dr Adele. A seafood lunch awaits, either onboard or at a picturesque sand cay. The afternoon offers a change of scene with another 2-hour reef visit or an optional catch-and-release fishing session. The day ends with a serene cruise back, complete with sunset refreshments.

Island Snorkelling

Half Day Adventure – $1100*
Ideal for beginners or those preferring shorter boat rides, this tour includes snorkelling around Family and Barnard Islands. With quick 30-minute transits, visible mainland, and shallow waters at low tide, it’s a stress-free introduction to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Four-Hour Fringing Reef Safari – $700*
Perfect for those with limited time, this safari includes an hour and a half of snorkelling, complemented by a morning or afternoon tea before returning to Mission Beach.

Half Day Fringing Reef Safari – $1000*
Explore two different reefs from our exclusive selection. After visiting an island reef, enjoy snorkelling guided by Dr Adele and a mid-tour morning tea. The adventure concludes with a second snorkelling session and a signature seafood lunch on our private beach.

*Refer to Mission Beach Charters Pricing and Terms and Conditions.