Dunk Island Boat Hire

Mission Beach Boat & Jet Ski Hire

Embark on an exciting journey with Mission Beach Boat & Jet Ski Hire. Since 1984, they have provided top-notch boat and jet ski rental services, allowing you to explore the pristine waters of the Coral Sea and the Family Islands at your leisure.

Whether you’re planning a fishing trip, a family outing, or a solo adventure, their well-equipped fleet and expert guidance ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Mission Beach Boat & Jet Ski Hire, located in beautiful South Mission Beach, Queensland, offers more than just watercraft rentals. In addition to their fleet of boats and jet skis, they also provide E-Bike hires, allowing visitors to explore both the sea and the land with ease. Whether you’re interested in a leisurely bike ride along the scenic coast or an exhilarating day out on the water, this long-established business caters to a variety of outdoor adventures.

Their convenient location, coupled with a range of rental options, makes them an ideal choice for anyone looking to experience the best of Mission Beach.


Mission Beach Boat Hire Options:

6HP Boat

  • This fun little boat can take up to four persons over to Dunk Island.
  • Fuel Included
  • Excellent Value for the budget boat hire-conscious
  • Launched by our staff from our dedicated facility on the beach!

20HP Boat

  • This boat is a good all-rounder for exploring some of the outer Islands
  • Great for Fishing hotspots
  • Carpeted floors
  • Some are fitted with electric start and electric trim

Fuel Included

40HP Boat

  • Comfortable and Powerful cruising experience.
  • Electric start, tilt trim
  • 4 x padded seats
  • Access the most remote family Islands
  • Fuel Included

Mission Beach Jet ski Hire Options:

Four Island Safari (150 minutes, 2.5 hrs) – $600.00:
Embark on a thrilling Jet Ski journey across four Family Islands – Dunk, Bedarra, Wheeler, and Thorpe. Your guide will share fascinating insights about each island’s history. Discover serene beaches and stunning landscapes, with a high chance of encountering marine wildlife like dolphins and turtles.

Dunk Island Tour (90 minutes, 1.5 hrs) – $350.00:
Circle around Dunk Island on this guided Jet Ski tour. Dive into the island’s history and natural highlights, with ample time to enjoy the thrill of riding and spotting marine life.

Free Style Ride to Dunk (50 minutes) – $220.00:
A self-guided adventure to Dunk Island, perfect for those who love to speed across the waves or gently cruise and soak in the views of Dunk and Purtaboi Islands.

Capture the Adrenalin – $50.00:
Document your adventure with a waterproof HD camera rental. The kit includes multiple mounts, and you get to keep the SD card with all your memories.

Mission Beach E-Bike Hire Options:

Experience the joy of riding with Rover E-Bikes at Mission Beach Boat Hire. Perfect for those new to e-bikes, these Rovers offer effortless cruising along beaches and trails, allowing you to enjoy the scenery without the exertion.

They’re user-friendly, quiet, and comfortable, featuring a step-through frame and a cooler bag rack for picnic essentials. Each hire includes helmets, chargers, and locks, with easy-to-follow instructions for a safe ride. Multiple-day hires are available on request, making it an ideal way to explore Mission Beach car-free.


Half-Day (4hrs) $100.00

Full-Day (8hrs) $150.00