Mission Beach Great Barrier Reef Tours and Camping

Mission Beach Fishing with Hooked Up Adventures

Hooked Up Fishing Adventures offers a range of thrilling fishing experiences around Mission Beach. With 40 years of experience, they provide a variety of fishing adventures on their custom Sportfisher, the Spirit of Dunk. Enjoy top-notch equipment and expert guidance for an unmatched fishing experience.

Half-Day Island Fishing Charter:
Experience the excitement of catching big game fish like Spanish mackerel and trevally near Mission Beach. The charter includes beach visits and offers a glimpse into the area’s natural beauty.

Mission Beach Estuary Fishing:
Perfect for calmer days, the estuary fishing trip targets a variety of species in sheltered waters, with all equipment provided. Minimum 2 people, with pickup from local accommodations.

Mission Beach Outer Reef Fishing:
Explore the Great Barrier Reef for a chance to catch Coral Trout, Spanish Mackeral, and more. The trip promises a mix of sport and tablefish in stunning reef settings.

The Boat: Spirit of Dunk
The Spirit of Dunk is a 7.6 metre Offshore Sportfisher, equipped with the latest technology for precise positioning, making it ideal for various fishing styles. Its design caters to both beginners and experienced anglers.

Unique Experience
Led by experienced skippers Alister and Gererd, Hooked Up Fishing Adventures offers a unique and personalised approach, ensuring an enjoyable and successful fishing trip.


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